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    I have worked as a medical Social Worker since receiving my degrees in psychology (1995) and Social Work (2004). I have worked in Canada and in the US, including in major hospital settings, emergency settings, as well as inpatient and community settings (first in Psychiatry, and then in Long Term Care).


    In 2016, I started exploring different complimentary natural health approaches. I went back to school to study Aruvedic Herbalism and then Aromatherapy. I graduated and founded my business, Earth Mind and Body Essentials in 2018. I then spent several years working with essential oils, herbs, extracts, infusions, plant carrier oils and minerals, offering soothing relief to my clients. I also developed a very effective yet supportive and all natural deodorant, as well as soothing Aleppo and Castille cold processed soaps and shampoo bars for problem and sensitive skin types. I have also developed a beautiful all natural (shelf stable) lotion that contains no harmful toxins, parabens or preservatives (yes, it's true!). My focus has been on creating simple, all natural, yet effective skincare solutions without the harmful chemicals used in many of today's commercial products. Many people have become sensitive to these chemicals and require less processed, and more natural ingredients. Many still are interested in reducing their exposure to synthetic chemicals in order to prevent possible problems with their health, due to ongoing exposures.


    My services include natural skincare solutions with my product line, Earth Mind and Body Essentials, where I have spent nearly a decade perfecting my recipes for all natural & very effective and supportive options, such as lotions, balms, massage oils, cold processed soaps, transparent soaps and my famous deodorant, with specifically chosen essential oils and supportive synergized botanicals.


    Mitigating health risks as best as possible with what is available in the natural world around us, and helping others discover that too, is my passion. Preventative and supportive community healthcare is my goal!


    *Professional Member of the Handcrafted Bath & Body Guild (2024 - )


    * Registered Aromatherapist with the CAOA (Canadian Association of Aromatherapists) (2018 - 2024)


    * Clinical Aromatherapy training Graduate with Beverly Hawkins at West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy (2018)


    * Founded: Earth Mind and Body Essentials (2016)


    * Professional Member of the Handcrafter Soap & Cosmetic Guild (2016 - 2024)


    * Studied Ayurvedic Herbalism and Aromatherapy (David Crow, LaC, 2015 & 2023)   


    * Registered Medical Social Worker in Psychiatry and Long Term Care (1998 -)


    * BSW/RSW in Social Work (University of Victoria, 2004)


    * BA in Psychology (University of British Columbia, 1995)