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    I have used so many of your products and have loved them all. The deodorants are top of the line. I have no trouble removing my store bought brands. Your lip balm is outstanding not only does it work well it lasts and there is no need to reapply all day so nice and the size is really nice I can't wait for some sunscreen ❤️ Thanks for making outstanding products and sharing your skill!

    ~ Patti L.

    North Vancouver, BC


    "Love your deodorant Shannon. Lightly scented and very effective. It works.
    You make the best products, I'll never use any other shampoo if I can help it, you rock! I'm gifting a friend with one of the bars.."

    ~ Debra K.
    Prince George, BC

    "great products, very nice packaging and knowledgeable in her products."
    ~ Viviane L.
    Surrey, BC

    "BEST deodorants EVER! I love everything about them. Works like a charm (even on the hottest days) and the scents are fantastic. Love the soaps too. I give the soaps as Christmas gifts."
    ~ Colleen E.
    North Vancouver, BC

    "I LOVE the smell of the Tea Tree Oil Deodorant!! It is effective!! Try it!"
    ~ Becky B.
    North Vancouver, BC

    "Each item Shannon makes is carefully and beautifully created to provide a natural option for beauty/body care. I love her soaps - they're so gentle on my dry skin!"
    ~ Mara D.
    North Vancouver, BC

    "Great all natural products! Highly recommend."
    ~ Jacob L.
    North Vancouver, BC

    "Best products available... I highly recommend!"

    ~ Sharon W.
    Vancouver, BC

    "Fantastic products with high quality ingredients. Natural deodorant that actually works!"
    ~ Adea C.
    North Vancouver, BC

    "Love these products. Smell fresh, light weight and its nice knowing you're not putting harmful chemicals on your skin."
    ~ Pam B.
    Desert Palms, California,


    "These products are amazing!"
    ~ Stacy M.

    North Vancouver, BC


    "I can't say enough how amazing your products are! I have been using your deodorant for years now and its still works like a charm unlike other natural products I've tried. You are AMAZING!!"

    ~ Kylie W.
    Lynn Valley, BC


    "The best natural shampoo EVER made!!! NO need for cream rinse. All the soaps are BRILLIANTLY made. I have been giving these products as gifts for years. Everyone LOVES them. Thanks Shannon for creating the best of the best soaps etc."

    ~ Bev B.
    Delta, BC


    "The deodorant is perfect! Smells amazing and doesn't give me a rash like almost every other deodorant I've tried. The soap and shampoo bars are also just what I've been looking for!"
    ~ Zach S.
    Alexander, Arkansas


    "This is the best deodorant I’ve ever used! I work in a greenhouse, and this deodorant holds up all day under the heat and extreme conditions. You found a customer for life! Thank you!"
    ~ Tara B.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba


    "He keeps talking about the shaving bar! He says he will never use anything else as long as he has to shave! ...He says he loves it! I honestly have never heard him praise anything as much. You should be proud! His face is as soft as a baby's bum. love it! It would even be great for women too, for shaving their legs etc."
    ~ Gail S.
    North Vancouver, BC


    "I have tried many organic products
    here in India but none can satisfy me but Earth Mind & Body Essentials. I have tried almost all the soaps. The fragrance lasts for long even after sweating a lot in a continental country like India. The deodorants are just awesome. I tried also the moisturizer and hand cream, shampoo, & lip balms. They are also just too good. Now I can't think anything other than these products. Just fully in love with Shannon and her best products."
    ~ Dr. Shreyasi B.
    Kolkata, West Bengal, India

    "I’v tried many body care products and your soaps and, well, literally everything I have tried from you, is amazing!! I especially love the custom soaps and shaving cream you have made me!! I am so pleased; the value is unparalleled to everything else on the market."
    ~ William D.
    North Vancouver, BC


    "These deodorants are hands down the best natural deodorants out there. Gentle, apply nicely, scents are awesome, and they work so well! Soap smells great, and is very high quality. Fast shipping too!"
    ~ Tracy R.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba


    'I have used Shannon’s body cream.  All I will say is  “wow”.  I was totally impressed.   I have used lots of body creams in the past.   The smell is amazing and it feels like silk on your skin.   And the best part is, hours later, my skin still feels soft and moisturized .   I highly recommend this cream.   Thanks Shannon for all the effort you put into making this ❤️'
    ~ Julie M.
    Richmond, BC


    "Thanks Shannon! You make the best soaps!"
    ~ Corinne S.
    West Vancouver, BC




    "After finding and using the products of Earth Mind and Body Essentials, I have not found any alternative. It's specialty is its authenticity and uniqueness, The refreshing aromas persist for a long time and in the age of chemical products, I love that I get the real touch of Earth which refreshes and eases my mind; not having to worry about any harmful ingredients. And specifically, the Bug Repellant is very effective and I'm not sure what I would do without it! "
    ~ Vivikta C.
    Mumbai, India




    "Hi Shannon I just wanted to let you know that the lotion bar you gave me is amazing! I'm traveling at the moment and I like to pack light. I am using it as deodorant and body cream. It travels well and in warm weather too. I had some very dry skin on my neck recently and it helped it in a couple of days!
    Thank you! "
    ~ Barb B.
    North Vancouver, BC




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