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New Clients: START HERE!

*If you're an existing client, please log in (located in the navigation bar) with the log in details I sent you. If you need help please email For new clients, please access the lifetime membership portal below:

All Natural & Uniquely Yours:
Made to your unique skincare needs: A clinical assessment is completed to determine your unique skincare needs to create an effective essential oil synergy that supports your body in replenishing & healing itself. You will receive your unique blend in either a refillable roller OR a refillable inhaler (your choice), with an explanation of the oils used. If you prefer, you may receive a different supportive product and this can be discussed as to what initial product will support you the most.

This skincare needs assessment will then give you access to become a Client Member. As a Client Member of Earth Mind and Body Essentials, you will have access to ordering all my products available ongoing: natural lotion(s), shampoo bars, specialty soap, facial bars, massage blends, cleansing oils, shaving bars, balms and deodorant, inhaler and roller re-fills/replacements, suited to your unique needs.

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